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“Life. What even is it at the minute?” Year 10 Student


What does normal mean? ‘Normal’ is a word that can make us feel we should fit in, but it’s also an abstract idea that doesn’t represent any real person. Nobody needs to be normal. So, how can we ‘read for normal’? The Reading4Normal Book Club celebrates a new normal, where we notice ordinary things together and recognise all the different ways of being young and British.


Seeing ourselves represented in fiction is important. YA fiction can be a space for exploring realities. We can think about our everyday lives in relation to the characters, places, and scenarios we read about. The Reading4Normal Book Club brings together YA readers from around the UK to discuss contemporary British YA. This Book Club helps us connect with each other, build a community, and share our ordinary experiences.


You can follow along with our Reading4Normal programme via our social media, where we post updates and information. You can also find information about our book lists and discussion topics here.

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